Finding a Career Choice that is Perfect for You

We all want to wake up and go to a job we enjoy and leave looking forward to coming back the next day.  However, that is not the reality for most of us.  Most of us dread going to work and dread even more coming back the next day. Why is this? We spend fully 1/3 of our lives at work.  Shouldn't we put more effort into finding something that we can do that we enjoy?

We each are an individual blend of unique gifts, talents and passions. Combining those together we should be able to find a career that is perfect for just us.  The fact is this though -- doing that is a lot of work and most of us do a good job of avoiding work.  Thus we end up taking careers that our parents picked for us or that we chose our self in college because the classes looked interesting.

These articles are designed to help you find a career choice that is perfect for you.  By guiding you through a process that targets your interests and passions and then combines them with opportunities that you can derive an income from.  Finding right livelihood is a matter of pairing your interests with skills you have acquired in something you have a passion for in a way that generates income for you.

Work should first and foremost be viewed as a vehicle of self-expression.  Something we do to express our individuality.  Not something we do just to derive an income.  This course is designed to help you find a career and a livelihood that is right for you.  Something you can look forward to doing each and every day for the rest of your life.  It helps you combine your vocation with your interests.  You will move from finding out about yourself to putting those interests to use in a career you were made for.  Follow along as we help you find right livelihood!

The Ten Laws of Work

  1. The innate purpose of work is self-expression and the more of yourself that you can express the happier you will be with your career.
  2. The ideal work is found where your interests intersect with your skills and talents.
  3. Work should be an expression of your values and beliefs.
  4. Your ideal work is not an employment decision but a lifelong calling that you pursue because you are drawn to it like a magnet.
  5. Your work should be a form of service for the greater good of mankind.  Somehow it should improve the lives of your fellow citizens on this planet.
  6. The more your career is in line with your purpose the higher will be your income.
  7. The key to finding your ideal career is remembering and understanding what you were first drawn to in life.
  8. Finding your special path in life requires that you believe that there is one.
  9. When you make the decision to pursue your purpose in life then you will find that the universe helps you along the way.
  10. If you find passion is lacking in your life then it is because you are not actualizing your purpose in life.  When you are pursuing your purpose then you will find that there is passion in life.

Information is for educational and informational purposes only and is not be interpreted as financial or legal advice. This does not represent a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security. Please consult your financial advisor.