Finding a Mentor

All great artists begin their work by copying those who came before them.  The same goes for artists of life.  Thus, the best thing you can do is find a mentor and do your best to emulate what they have done.   Your mentor can be someone alive or it can be someone who has long since passed from Earth.  The important thing is that they embody the ideals that you hold dear and that they were able to accomplish the same things you yourself would like to accomplish.

Whatever you do, do not aim low.  Aim high and find someone who will really challenge you to be everything you can be.  Find someone who has strived to be their very best so that you too can strive to do the same.

In every field of human endeavor there are leaders and icons that set the pace for the others.  What sets these individuals apart? An unyielding commitment to excellence and a strong desire to make a difference.  And most importantly an attitude that tells them not to give up until they have accomplished their goal.  When you are trying to decide on a mentor, ask yourself if they have these particular qualities.  If they do not then keep looking until you find someone who embodies these particular attributes because they are key in those few lives that really change the world.

Once you have found a mentor then learn everything you can about that person.  Try to track down any interviews you can and be sure to read an autobiography if one is available.  It is important that you learn what they did during their years of struggle.  Try to find information about what their lives were like before they "made it".   This information will be invaluable in paving your own road to success.


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