Finding and Choosing a Career:
Making a Contribution to Society

Many people get by in life by simply coasting through it and doing the minimum of what they are paid to do.   These people will never make a difference and will never use the talent, which they have been given.  Society and humanity progresses through the efforts and talent of a very limited few that choose to expand their boundaries and by so doing expand the boundaries of the human race.   It is these few that fuel our hopes and dreams and fill our tomorrows with things we can only imagine today.   They are the contributors.

Today I want you to challenge yourself to aspire to be one of these contributors.  You are given passions in life.   Now, it is up to you to take those passions and do something with them that have never been done before.   By doing so you benefit not just yourself but those who will come along long after you are gone.  In a sense, it is not about you.  It is really about the progress we make as a species.  Something as simply as the microwave may not seem that significant in the grand scheme of things but you would be surprised how something so simple can have a profound effect on the lives of many. 

It is all because of the law of connections.  For example, because of the microwave a man is able to get his meal 10 minutes faster and that 10 minutes allows him to pick his daughter up from school 10 minutes earlier and because of that 10 minutes they avoid an accident that would have injured them both as well as the passenger of the other car.  See?  A microwave can even affect life.  Let's take another example.  How about somebody who invents a comic book.   Seems pretty insignificant right? What if somewhere in the world there is someone depressed and suicidal and it is only their passion for that comic book that keeps them from taking their own life? What if later that person goes on to save the lives of many through a career as a doctor? That comic book looks pretty significant doesn't it?

The universe is a strange place.  Everything is connected and anything is possible.   Think about that quote for a while and then rethink any feeling of insignificance you have about the passion you have in life.   It is important.  It is vital.  And it is necessary and can serve the higher good.

So, take this list of five passions you have in life and look at them not as something inconsequential.   Instead, look at them as being your divine assignment for exploration.   When you came into the world these five passions where written into your heart and it may be that over the entire world nobody shares these same exact five passions.  These are yours to explore and to expand and to bring something unique to and contribute to what we call life.   Honor them, cherish them and respect them and you will find that they will do the same for you.  Nothing is meaningless.  Everything matters.

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