Finding and Choosing a Career:
Choosing your Environment

An important consideration in choosing your life work is to choose an environment you are most comfortable with.  If you are not comfortable in a certain environment then you will not perform well in it.  However, the word environment means much more than you might first consider.

First of all the environment is the overall atmosphere and surrounding you find yourself in on a physical, mental and emotional level.  Most often we think of environment as only something physical.  However that is not the case.  Let's explore each type of environment so we better understand how to find one that contributes to our own success.

First of all there is the physical environment.  This is for the most part obvious but some explanation will help.  The first physical environment you can think of is the part of the world you live in or the country you reside within.  After that there is the geographical location you reside in within that country.  Besides those aspects we have certain environmental surroundings that affect us such as mountains, oceans, prairie land, woodlands, desert, etc.  We also need to consider the climate and whether we are in an area that is primarily winterized or if we are in an area with milder, summer like conditions.  Another factor is whether we reside in a city, a small town or out in the country.  All of these things are something that you should consider.  You only live life once so think about what your preference is in relation to the physical environment and then go about making that your reality.

Next we should consider the mental environment.  The mental environment encompasses the realm of ideas.  It is the thought forms that we find ourselves interacting with on a daily basis.  Think of the differences in these environments: the academic environment, the labor environment, the entertainment environment, the family environment, the religious environment, and the corporate environment.  Think about the way all of these environments deal with different types of thought forms and interact with them in a way different than the others.  There should be one particular mental environment you feel most comfortable with.  Whatever that it then you should seek to make that the environment of your livelihood.

The last type of environment we will discuss is the emotional.  The emotional environment is somewhat more subtle than the others.  It is one you have to look for to even be aware that it exists.  To get a feel for the emotional environment consider the following settings: the military, the religious, the entertainment world, the world of science, the medicine and healthcare world, and counseling.  Think about the different way emotions are perceived, recognized, honored or ignored in all of these settings.  In the military emotions are for the most part denied or repressed.  In the world of counseling they are the focus of everything.  Think about your own comfort level with dealing with emotions and think about how this might affect your choice in choosing a livelihood that is right for you.

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