Finding and Choosing a Career:

What is service and why is it important?

Service is the notion that you do something not for your own benefit but for the benefit of somebody else.  It is an unwritten law of the universe that you must be acting out of service in order to receive any long terms reward monetarily or otherwise.  So commit yourself to acting out of service in some way or another.  If you do not then nothing positive will ever come out of your life's work.

Acting out of service requires that you set aside your ego and learn to act with someone else's benefit in mind.  Some of us are not naturally inclined to doing this.  If not then it is a skill that must be learned just like anything else.  As long as you act with your own personal benefit in mind then the results will not be as good as they could have been.

First of all identify one person you can help in your life.  Think about the talents and attributes you have that could help this person.  After that consider a small group of people.  What talents and attributes do you have that could help this small group of people? From there work your way up to larger and larger groups until you are reaching the largest audience that you can imagine for your work.  Whatever that number is that is your ultimate goal for your life's work.  Your goal is to reach this larger audience and do what you can to help them in whatever way you have deemed possible.


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