Managing a Three-Girl Office

Managing takes patience, understanding, and coping skills.  With more three-girls in the office, work is done timely and professionally.  However, things don't always run smoothly.  Sometimes there are those days where personalities clash and problems take on a completely different meaning.  As a business owner, I would like to blame PMS as the problem but often the problem stems more from mismanagement skills.

Women love to chat with one another.  It doesn't matter if you lay down rules that prohibit extensive gabbing, a woman will find some way to communicate with her female co-workers without the boss finding out.

Female managers tend to be strict with rules and policies, where male managers are more relaxed with the girls in the office.  It might have something to do with that male/female relationship thing.  Perhaps a male manager likes gabbing females because then he can interject his opinion on personal matters.

Operating a three-girl office takes a strong manager that is committed to the companies' best interest.  That does not mean that everyone has to walk around on pins and needles, but it does mean that things must operate at a level that is more than satisfactory.  To keep staff focused, make sure that your rules and policies are clear.

  1. Sit down with the owner: Discuss what his or her concerns are about the daily operations of the office staff.  How casual or professional does the owner want the atmosphere to be?
  2. Write out the rules and policies:  List what is expected of the employees and why.  Don't be too harsh, but still get your point across. List the consequences of not following the rules and policies.
  3. Placement of the rules and policies: Pin the rules and policies in the staffs break room.  Make sure it is visible by employees and not clients.

Most employees want to keep their office manager happy.  After all most people are more appreciative of having a job these days, and it is important, you don't cut them short when they try to explain in a bad situation.

Good office managers don't get freaked out over someone rocking the boat.  Instead, they face conflicts head on with their focus on finding a solution.

  1. Listen to your employees:  Hear out the situation so you can make a clear evaluation.
  2. Don't listen to gossip:  Don't get caught up in office gossip.  Even three-girls can make the workplace miserable if you allow them to.
  3. Open door policy: Ensure that you will always have an open door policy to listen to your employees concerns.
  4. Lead by example:  If the employees are expected to conduct themselves professionally in the office, make sure you do the same.  Watch the choice of words you use, and monitor the time you spend socializing at the water cooler.

The bottom line is that the office environment has to be a comfortable setting for everyone involved.  This means that if Susan is offended by the improper vocabulary Tammy uses in the office, Tammy should be pulled aside and spoken to.  And in turn, if Tammy is offended by Susan's tardiness the same respect must be given to her issue.

We can't change what people think or feel, but we can mold them into performing like professionals.  All it takes is a manager who isn't afraid of stepping up and placing the situation out front.  Managing a three-girl office can operate professionally and efficiently with the right pieces in place.

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