The Importance of Network Groups

Network groups are a great way to meet new prospects, build business relationships, and market your products or services.  The amount of time you spend communicating at meetings are to your advantage.  People who belong to network groups are there to learn more about your business and share their personal excitement of how they became a small business owner.

Network groups are growing in popularity across the nation.  Local small business owners are excited about the opportunities these type of groups present.  From non-profit organizations to big corporations, everyone wants to be a part of a network group today.

Why is business owners excited about network groups?
The idea of making money through socializing is stimulating to the dead head business geek. We all desire to work less and make more.  Through networking, it just may be possible.  Network groups offer:

  • Motivational tool: Belonging to a group of active business professionals helps motivate business owners to be productive.  During a group session, a business owner receives praise, applause, and words of encouragement.  The business friendships he or she develops are critical to succeeding in networking.  It's not uncommon for one to feel empowered after a 1-hour meeting.
  • Opportunities: Network groups offer a variety of opportunities for growth.  Most network groups consist of twelve members.  Each member has exclusive rights in the group.  This means if you sell Real Estate, no one else who sells Real Estate will be permitted to join your group.  Each member is like a partner and is responsible for helping you grow your business through business referrals.  It's not uncommon for each member to know three to five people who would be interested in purchasing your product or service.
  • Events: Golf outings and business trade shows are common activities network groups partake of.  The golf outing is an upscale event typically held at a country club.  Often investors, brokers, and bankers attend such an event.  Through the day network members are required to showcase their products or service.  At trade shows, members display their products and services to the public.  The public is encouraged to ask questions and socialize with you.  Through conversation, you may discover a business lead.
  • Relationships: Through a six or twelve month memberships, a network member can make long term personal, business, and client relationships.  Because network groups encourage relationships it only makes sense that people get to know you for more than your work ethics.

How do I get involved in a network group?
The Chamber of Commerce is the perfect place to start.  Contact your local chamber and find out how you can plug into a network group in your area.  The chamber may even have smaller business groups that meet once a week at the municipal building.  But to be a part of the Chamber of Commerce network groups you'll need to pay a stiff annual fee.

Another excellent resource is your local banker.  Networking has become some popular that nearly 89% of the banks in your area participant in a local network group.  For a banker, networking is extremely profitable.

You can also serf the Internet.  Several network groups have web addresses.  Use a search engine like Google to find a network group for your local area.

By next year, network groups will offer more services to the Internet community than they do to the local community.  Internet users, small businesses, and online entrepreneurs also need a good networking group to help them build their online business.  Blogs, community boards, and such are good tools that need to be perfected by someone who has a real grasp on what networking groups is all about.

Information is for educational and informational purposes only and is not be interpreted as financial or legal advice. This does not represent a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security. Please consult your financial advisor.