Work is Something you Deeply Care About

There is a pattern here.  Have you noticed what it is? If you haven't then let me explain.

The pattern is that in order to find your right livelihood you have to learn how to make the work you are doing now right.  IF you cannot do that then you will never find your right livelihood.  So all of these exercises are designed to move you from a despondent frame of mind to a soulful frame of mind.   And when you act suffused with soul then you will find the doors open up for you and you will be allowed to fulfill your potential.

What separates those who do things well from those who do not do things well? Sometimes it is a matter of talent.  However, more often than not the difference is merely attitude.  By simply changing your attitude toward something you can make the end result much better and much more impressive.  Thus, here we are focusing on making your work something you deeply care about.   How can you transform your mind to deeply care about something that you have thought of us drudgery before? 

The first step is to recapture the wonder you had as a child.  Do you remember how as a child that whatever game you were playing was the best? You were filled with wonder no matter what the activity was and then before too long the drudgery of being an adult set in and things were no longer filled with wonder.  The key is to recapture that wonder.  Kids believe anything is possible.   And part of the challenge is for you yourself to once again begin believing that anything is possible.   This belief is about magic and when our lives are suffused with magic then every day is extraordinary and every act is completed by grace.

Take the step today to deeply care about your work.  It is only a change of perception and if you act long enough like that is the case then soon it will be the case.  Often the secret in life is to truly act "as if" and then let that eventually become the truth.

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